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Appropriate and Inappropriate Behaviour in the Workplace

Every place of work has a different atmosphere, a different environment, a different ethos. An efficient and harmonious working environment is created, largely, by the way people behave in the workplace. This includes the behaviour of employees, employers and to, some extent, even customers and clients.

How do you know what is appropriate behaviour for your place of work?

This can range from using ordinary social skills such as being polite to other staff to being extraordinarily cooperative and helpful to other members of your group when faced with a tight deadline.

Think about the personal qualities and traits that employers seek in job applicants. These include:

  • working well as part of a team or group
  • a positive attitude toward co-workers, the workplace and the tasks of the job
  • a clean and suitable appearance, taking into account to the job you do
  • respect for others and respect for individual differences
  • being on time for work
  • being polite and helpful on the telephone and to clients in person