Welcome to the International page of SQA Academy. The video explains the purpose of the courses for International centres and staff. Please watch the video and scroll down the page to access the individual courses.

Welcome to SQA Academy.

This short video is for international centres that have been approved by SQA. We will begin by explaining what SQA Academy is, who the courses are for, why they are useful and how to get started. SQA Academy is home to a range of online learning courses. Our courses for international centres are aimed at teaching staff and SQA coordinators to assist you in your continuing professional development.

Our courses will help you understand more about our requirements and quality standards to help you successfully deliver SQA qualifications in your centre. Successful delivery of SQA qualifications is based on five key areas.

These areas are plan, prepare, deliver, assess and review.

The circle represents the continual work that is required of centres when delivering SQA qualifications. To ensure our standards are maintained year on year, our courses promote continuous improvement and encourage reflection at both centre level and at an individual staff level.

For example, understanding a unit specification is an important part of planning within your centre. Each year all staff, whether new or experienced, must look at all the relevant unit specifications and ensure the teaching materials and assessments to be used are current and meet the required assessment standards.

Our 'Understanding a Unit Specification' course offers guidance on how to do this effectively. The range of Academy courses can be used as part of an induction programme for new members of staff and will help provide them with the knowledge required to meet SQA's requirements.

The courses are also useful for existing members of staff who should be encouraged to remind themselves of SQA requirements and good practise on a regular basis.

All our courses focus on one topic per course, meaning you can build your knowledge of different areas the more courses you complete.

The advantage of using SQA Academy is that our courses are short, are available at anytime and can be completed at a time suitable to you.

Although the courses are short, you can stop a course at any point and pick it up again at a time that suits you. Some of the courses have self-assessment quizzes that allow you to test your knowledge and understanding and you can repeat the courses at any time. Before you can access the courses, you need to register with the SQA Academy.

Creating a new account is easy. 

Once you've done this, you can select the Course category dropdown and select International where you will find all the courses available to you. 

We hope you enjoy the courses and find them useful. If you have any questions, please just e-mail us.

This course has been developed by SQA to help you create a new assessment for an Advanced Qualification unit.

This course has been developed by SQA to guide and support staff in centres to plan the delivery of qualifications.

This course has been developed by SQA to guide and support staff in centres about their role as an Internal Verifier.

This course has been developed by SQA to guide and support staff in centres to understand the different parts of a Unit Specification.

This course has been developed by SQA to guide and support staff in centres to write their own assessment instruments for qualifications.

Start here by entering your name and centre details.  This will let us provide more detailed support if appropriate.