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    Maybe you’ve heard other people chat about marking?  In the staff room perhaps or maybe at a meeting?

    It’s something plenty of people have and continue to do and it’s something that can offer significant benefits, especially when it comes to things like your continuous professional development.

    But what exactly is involved?

    Are you eligible?  If so, how do you apply?  And if and when you become a marker what happens then?  Are you simply left to get on with it or are you supported in what you will be doing?

    From talking to people at face to face and online events we have heard some common queries about becoming a marker for SQA and this short course will show you what is really involved, how to apply and what you can expect when you start to mark for us.

    By the end of this course you will be able to –

    • List SQA’s criteria for becoming a marker
    • Describe where the application form to join us as a marker can be found and how to complete it