Develop your team

In many appointed roles you will be working with a team to complete your goals. To help you develop your team (and support the people in it) we have created some courses which focus on different aspects of management and leadership.
Please select a course from the list below and then click on the tile to access that course.

Coaching is a key element of many senior appointee roles and this short course looks at what coaching actually is (and isn’t) and offer some practical examples of how you can use this skill in your own team and build up a “coaching mind-set”

Delivering feedback is something many appointees are asked to do for their team.  This course looks at how to deliver feedback to someone so that they will be able to use it to improve their performance.

When you take on a team how will you run it?  How will you present yourself to the people in it and how will you motivate and encourage them to deliver their best work?  This course looks at these questions and helps you get your team on-board!

There can be some conversations which are more challenging than others, some which we might want to avoid having.  This course looks at how to approach these conversations and handle them in an effective and ethical manner.

When you work with a team you need to be able to recognise when the performance of the team is slipping so you can step in and take action.  This short course looks at how to do this and develop your performance management skills.

When you gather a group of people together you need to make sure you make the best use of everyone’s time and achieve whatever you need to achieve during that meeting.  This short course offers some guidelines on how to stay safe while carrying out your role.