Develop yourself

SQA want to continue to support appointees with their ongoing learning and in this section we have gathered together courses suitable for all appointees to help develop some of the core skills which everyone can benefit from.
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Assertiveness can be defined as a confident, positive form of communication where we express our views or ask for what we need without being aggressive or abusive towards anybody else. This short course will highlight what assertive is and how to apply this skill.

Being able to communicate effectively, engage with people, involve and include them while also getting your message across, is a skill we all have a need for in our working lives and this short course looks at ways to develop in this area.

This course has been designed to raise awareness of the Equality Act (2010), SQA's responsibilities as an employer and its impact on you as an SQA Appointee. This course is of value to all Appointees. The course takes one hour to complete.

Being organised – planning and preparing for the key events in your work – is a useful skill for all appointees and this short course looks at the fundamentals of this.

Persuasion and influence are a fact of modern life and being able to recognise and manage attempts to influence you can be crucial.  In this short course we will look at how people could attempt to sway you and what you can do to manage these attempts.

Of all of the things which are a priority to us, when it comes to our appointees the number one thing – the thing which trumps every other consideration - is your safety. This short course provides some guidelines on how to stay safe while carrying out your role

This short course will introduce you to SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and provide you with some background on who we are, what we do and some of the teams who you will be in contact with in your role as one of our appointees.