Courses relating to general practice in the workplace

Designing Accessible Assessments and Resources

This course will give an overview of accessibility issues within Education. It will inform participants about the legislation and explain the terminology. The aim is for participants to be able to develop accessible teaching materials and assessments.

The course will also introduce various external resources which will help participants to keep their knowledge current. A list of "Useful Resources" has been developed and is referred to at several points in the course. Select this link to view the Useful Resourses.

Public Sector Equality Duty for Managers

Public Sector Equality Duty for Managers aims to give managers and staff the knowledge and skills required to assist in meeting the needs of the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The module was developed by Renfrewshire Council, the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Improvement Service and is available to all public sector bodies for free.

Accessing the course

SQA staff can access the module using this course on the SQA Academy.

The SQA Academy course is available to anyone with an account who wishes to register, it does not require an enrolment key.

The module can also be accessed on A2L via this link

RPSS Handbook support area

This is a support area for the RPSS Handbook

If you think you should have access to this please contact Gill Mann.

Selecting and Interviewing Appointees - a guide for SQA Staff

This course has been designed as a short on-line course that will provide SQA Staff with some general advice and guidance that may aid them when preparing for an SQA Appointee interview.

SQA Anti-Bullying and Harassment Course

This interactive course has been designed to help you understand, recognise, deal with and ultimately prevent bullying and harassing behaviours within SQA.

This course should you take you no more than 80 minutes to complete.